About Us


Wild Oaks mission is to assist business who lack the time, expertise and technology to keep up with the rapidly evolving digital world


We are a team of experts in various aspects of digital marketing and creative content creation who have banded together to serve you


We provide all-inclusive packages of website development, hosting and maintenance, content production through blogging, videos, photos and graphic design.

Consistent distribution and interaction through social media and e-mail marketing and active search engine optimization.


All of these services are included in an affordable monthly subscription packages, just like your subscription to Dstv.

Think of us as your digital ambassadors, when you are our client we are your entourage but without Johnny Drama.


You have the ability to leverage our consultation and assistance and taking advantage of any new technology or service that excites you and your business.

You no longer have to rely on freelancers, overpriced agencies that bill by the hour or spend your precious downtime worrying about your digital communication.


You now have a local team of experts to help you seize the digital economy.

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